As the Inductee

New members of One Solution are allocated an induction mentor whose job it is to help them settle into the company and get to know people.  A mentor is allocated based on several different factors ranging from experience, role, age etc. They go through the required paperwork, ensure relevant staff are introduced and act as a point of contact for absolutely anything that may be required.  After the first month of working at One Solution, the induction mentor will review progress and ask for feedback on the induction experience. This will be fed back to One Academy as a way of evaluating and updating our processes.

Being an Induction Mentor

Research has shown that effective induction programs enhance individual and, in turn, team performance. Allocating a manager to work closely with new staff as an induction mentor has a positive impact on employee performance.

First impressions that are formed by the new team member can sow the seeds of content or discontent, having a major impact on the way the business is viewed and their role within it. If people are made welcome, feel content and as though they are fulfilling their potential, they are more likely to stay with the business and be a happy and successful contributor.

The first few weeks of a new role in a new environment may present new challenges. We make every effort to ensure this is a positive experience that help people really engage with their new workplace.

Latest News

2015 Tanzania Volunteer Programme

Not many get to go on a ‘once-in-a-life-time’ experience twice, but on the 2nd July 2015, team leader Gillian travelled with Mike, Jim, Chris and Grace to our sponsored school in the village of Songea, Tanzania. The aim for this year was to focus on giving the school the foundations for self-sufficiency, and develop their [...]

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