One Academy

One Academy is One Solution’s in-house staff training provider. The aim of One Academy is to ensure that support staff, advisers and those in management gain the relevant knowledge and experience, and develop the skills required to truly develop their career to the maximum potential. We believe that investing in staff development is the key to differentiating our business and providing our clients with a reason to stay with us and refer new clients.

One Academy allows us to attract and retain talented staff and provide them with the right structure and encouragement to reach their career goals. Enabling each member of staff to progress their career enhances performance and imbues a sense of achievement across the business.

Our aim at One Solution is to be a learning organisation

“A Learning Organisation is one in which people at all levels, individuals and collectively, are continually increasing their capacity to produce results they really care about.”

A learning organisation:

  • Increases skill and knowledge of employees
  • Helps generate ideas and increases innovation
  • Improves communication
  • Increases problem solving abilities
  • Improves customer service

One Academy offers the chance for staff to grow, to learn new things and to develop skills which, in turn, means even greater value is added to our business and to the experience of our clients. The breadth of opportunity on offer via One Academy ranges from industry recognised qualifications through to one-to-one support.

Over recent years, the financial services industry has seen many changes.  Businesses like One Solution must continue to respond quickly to the evolving needs of their clients.  In a competitive and ever-changing marketplace, we must anticipate customer’s needs and respond to them effectively. Being able to do this requires the best efforts of everybody at One Solution and One Academy ensures our staff are fully equipped to confidently and effectively respond to the needs of our clients.

All members of staff have the opportunity to participate in an individual training programme. One Academy funds, helps and guides each member of staff in gaining the necessary qualifications to become fully qualified in a number of areas of the financial services industry.

One Academy presents opportunities for:

  • Career progression
  • Gaining qualifications
  • Study support

Career progression through One Academy may be rewarded in the form of:

  • A financial bonus
  • Increased holiday allowance 

In addition to formal qualifications, One Academy also provides management support with coaching, mentoring and each new member of staff progressing through a structured induction programme to welcome them into the organisation and ensure they get off to the best possible start.

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